Pinecone Institute

It feels strange and unfair balanced that only a few people own the majority of the wealth in the world. Isn’t it?
It feels like some people are meant to be rich, successful… while other people are forced to live a life full of struggles and misery.

Fortunately that is the biggest illusion that lives on for thousands of years.

Once and for all. Let's get rid of that!

How can you change your direction in life?

Everything in nature or in the whole universe is orchestrated by rules that apply to every living creator / person regardless who you are, where you are or where you are from.

Rules, just like gravity, which are working no matter who or where you are. You drop water and it will go down even you believe you are a good or a bad person, even if you do it in Europe, the US or on the moon.

So, what we achieve in life is orchestrated by applying rules. We only have to learn them in a proper way.

The average person learns his/her way of living from their parents and every person which take a likewise role in their life. So we learn our way of thinking by what other people think what’s right, we adapt that during our life and pass it on to the next generation. Right?
Sure it is right. And so we survive, life and grow for hundreds of millions of years.

During our development as humans, we learned that living together is better than alone, we discovered that farming was more efficient that hunting and gaddering, we stuctured our way of living in a arranged and controled way.
At first religion structured our society and bit by bit, gouvernements took over the role of structuring our way of living.

Each generation putes humanity on a higher level. We try to learn as much as possible from the mistakes of the former generation and go on.

There are people who believe that when you want to become wealthy you have to work hard, 24/7 …. And find gold… or something ;-)  Other people believe they have to work for a bad boss with bad colleges, in a unhealthy enviroment….  Some people learned that you have to “abuse” other people to build a living.

But, some people build their life by thinking about “a better way of doing", a smarter way of doing,..  Day after day, they learn and grow during their life in a happy healthy way.

Even though we are able to reason and think  in a higher level that the average animal on earth, we still live and act asif we still are the same like all other creatures on earth.

Despite all this, the biggest difference between "us" and the rest of the animal kingdom is that we are able to think in a way that we are able to model our future.

A dog may know that he lives in a nice family, he does not know that he knows it....  ;-)

An elephant may have a very good memory and may live in a good organised social group, he will never dig channels to bring water to an othe place. . . . . .

How wonderfull nature may be, We are the only creatures on earth that are able to determine their own future. I know we make huge mistakes but we learn from them. So do you!  ;-)
I am convinced that this generation will make the biggest difference in history by learning who they 'really' are and what they are capable to create during their lifetime. So they will raise above themselfs and take humanity to "the next level" just by discovering human potential.

The story of my life is a perfect example of how a train of bad situations can lead to a very good and permanently growing outcome.

I am happy to meet you here because it means you also are looking for a better way of living. I made it as my Major Goal to make this world a better place by sharing my knowledge and insights.

Registrate yourself, totally for free, and join us.

You are most welcome.