Your Success Cookbook

No matter what you want to do today, when it worked out you are success in that matter.

So, success means to succeed in something you had planted beforehand. Right?

Because we choose to live in a civilized world, we only go for "worthy" goals. Promise?

OK, when you can promise this you can continue reading the rest of the text.
If you want to misuse these techniques in order to abuse other people in the hope to become successful,… you certainly have to read the whole thing because you are missing some important insights and that makes you unhappy. ;-)

Lot of people think about succes as if they have to break a code or have to find out how to crack a safe.
In that case you will have no succes until you learned everything there is to learn.

In reallity succes can be build up from zero. I'll explain.

Just like when we want to eat we can choose a lot of different ways to get our food and different ways to eat it.
In a similar way we can choose and develop different ways to find success and enjoy it.

It is similar to that there are people which learn to cook on a high level, people which cook the basic things or only put something in the microwave…

This is a very easy way of understanding how success works.
What you can not do to become successful person is that you can learn easily, what you have learned you can use and enjoy.

But it does not mean that you have to become a “real Chef” before you can enjoy success. Each time you learn a smallest thing, you are more successful than before.

Are you able to learn “only 1 new idea” every day? Sure you are, even 20 new things.
Can you imagine how you will “grow” after 365 days? Time fly, isn’t it?

What you will learn in the Pinecone Institute will guide you, coach you to a higher version of yourself than you can dream now. That's a promise!

Step by step you wil learn how easy it is to understand what you have to do, to become a person more valuable than you can dream.

Your life is full of tomorrows until they are all used up. So start today, there is no better moment.

Discover what’s in it for you “today”,

See you soon!

Thank you.