Background information

The name “Pinecone Institute” was chosen because of the importance of the pinecone shape organ called “pineal gland” in our brain.

The function of this organ is not fully understood. The structure is very similar with the structure of an eye.

For thousands of years this Pinecone is seen as “the” place where our inner pictures are made.

The pinecone organ is situated in the geometrical center of our brain and has an important influence on many vital functions in our body.
For example, the pineal gland pinecone affects our sleep and circadian rhythm.

The pinecone organ is protected in a unique way through the blood brain barrier and gets a higher percentage of the blood flow than any other organ of the body.

By seeing this pineal gland as the ‘third eye’, many old cultures and religions see it as a divine organ, the face of the God or where the soul resides.

The possibility of visualizing pictures which don’t come from our memory, like pure fantasies, gives us the possibility to plan and organize things and events in the future.

This provide us the possibility to create totally new things as humans. This is the basic of our creativity.

In the world of personal development there is no better tool to produce growth than using mental pictures in a organized structure.

During the years we have developed our training programs and we have found out how to use mental pictures to achieve the biggest, fasted and durable results.

After all, every living creature is programmed from birth and throughout the life, with a collection of beliefs and habits which guide us automatically through our life.

When we do not get what we want in our life, we simply can reprogram our belief system and our automatism.
First I started it as a personal quest. But now it has grown and evolved into an international service project to help as many people in searching, exploring and developing their own personality into becoming happy, healthy and successful people.

We hope to welcome you in our project and help you to grow in the highest success ever possible.